Annual Career Checkup-2013: An Appointment with “Dr. Laura”

You get an annual checkup for your body;…now it’s time for one ON YOUR CAREER! Is your career “healthy”? How can you know without assessing for “career cancer”, or “job jitters”? Start by asking yourself these questions:   Does it … Continue reading

How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Career

Book Review: The Time between Dreams. How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Life and Work by Carol A. Vecchio. Change happens. Some look the other way and deny it. Others embrace change and its new opportunities, adventures, and horizons. However … Continue reading

Laid Off After 50: How Oregon Women Can (And Why They Should) Switch to Nonprofits

NOTE:  This post was originally published Dec. 2, 2012 on the Mac’s List blog .  Losing your job in your 50’s and early 60’s can be painful financially and emotionally, but many Oregon women in this age group that I … Continue reading

Passions & Life Story Revealed on Your Bookshelf, Not on a Kindle!

I sat down early Thanksgiving morning to honor the day and to also reflect on how this day is different from last year’s Thanksgiving: My Mother is no longer at the bountiful table because she died this … Continue reading

Recommended Reading

I recently added a feature which lists the books I recommend you read. These are an excellent resource to any job seeker, but will be particularly helpful to “boomers” interested in Encore Careers.

Silly!….It’s Who You ARE, Not What You DO!

An Identity Crisis — can be far worse than a Midlife Crisis.  Why is it so easy for people to confuse what they DO with who they ARE?  ***  “Should” Happens *** Because our job has taken over … Continue reading

Before Career Search – Who Am I Really?

Your “Discovery Zone” …..let’s explore WHO YOU ARE before you look start searching for a new career! In my coaching work with clients, either one-on-one or groups, I am always very clear that I will only work with … Continue reading

Your “GPS” for Making a Complete Career Change

“Career Changer” – this is a follow-up to my July 19th blog on the 3 strategic choices for career change. A quick review:  The three strategic career choices to evaluate are:  *  a Career Recycler * a Career Changer … Continue reading

How to Become a Successful Career Recycler

Career Recycler – this is a follow-up to my July 5th blog on the 3 strategic choices for career change. A quick review:  The three strategic career choices to evaluate are:  *  a Career Recycler * a Career … Continue reading

Steps in the Fascinating Puzzle of Career Choice

“It is better to do your own duty, however imperfectly, than to assume the duties of another person, however successfully.  Prefer to die doing your own duties: the duties of another will bring you into great spiritual danger. … Continue reading

Should I Change Careers?

I’ve devoted this week’s blog to bringing you a compelling article about career change, written by Barbara Safani.   New York City area-based Barbara describes her business self as an: Executive Resume Writer, Career Coach, Job Search Strategist, & … Continue reading

Personal BreakThrough: How MORE became LESS!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a guest blogger to you.  Barbara Mencer  has a message to share that will resonate deeply with those of you who have your own business and struggle with maintaining an optimal … Continue reading

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Are you 50+ and looking for more meaningful, flexible, and low stress work in this second half of life? Subscribe to obtain this booklet of inspiring examples of people who found their own Encore Careers with passion, purpose, and a … Continue reading

An Encore Career Nightmare!

“Go with your gut when attempting to reinvent yourself!”  exclaims Jerry Larsen, who should have known better when he didn’t listen to his own sage advice. Hey, I know this sounds totally self-serving, but Jerry badly needed a … Continue reading

Jane Fonda: Life’s Third Act

In July 2011 Jane released a new book  “Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship, Spirit – Making the Most of all of Your Life”.  She also produced a TEDContinue reading

Innovation: Found By Re-Inventing Yourself in “Second Half of Life”

Last week I wrote a guest blog for Bea Fields on the topic of INNOVATION.  The reference in that write-up was regarding product and process innovation in the US as compared to Continue reading

Mention of ” Knowledge Transfer” as an Encore Career per Dr. Paul G. Young

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2011 Encore Careers with Knowledge Transfer  I just had to share with you this Blog written by the author below, was wise enough to know when to let his encore career go.   His second to last … Continue reading

Career-Related Reflections on the Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson…..from his Essay on Spiritual Laws, 1841

I am currently taking a course in which we recently read this particular essay.  I was struck by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s clear insights on a person’s “calling” and “vocation”, which are just as fresh … Continue reading